What We Do

What is Family Day Care?

Family Day Care provides quality care for children up to 12 years of age (or older) in the homes of registered Educators. A Family Day Care scheme is a network of individuals providing child care and developmental activities in their own homes. Clarence Family Day Care is guided and overseen by a Co-ordination Unit which is staffed by experienced professionals to support the provision of quality education and care and manage the scheme. The co-ordination unit supports Educators, parents and children in a range of ways.

The Family Day Care Coordinating Team

  • Works in partnership with Educators to meet required legislation and National Quality Standards
  • Recruits and monitors Educators and provides them with training, support and resources
  • Helps parents to choose a suitable Educator and the right environment for their children
  • Staff members are available to discuss any child care needs, and to provide information about the service
  • Administers Child Care Subsidy (CCS) and other government subsidies.

About Family Day Care Educators

As part of a team of local child care workers, Family Day Care Educators earn an income working from home. For many Educators this means being able to combine earning an income whilst still being at home with their own child/ren. The Co-ordination Unit equips Educators with resources and training in current child care practices.

What hours of care are provided?

In Family Day Care, the hours of care are flexible and can be matched to your family’s needs. Family Day Care may be available on weekends or overnight if needed. Types of care include:

  • Full-time care
  • Part-time care
  • Casual care
  • Care for children of shift-workers
  • Before/after school care
  • Vacation care
  • Some emergency care

What will my children do in Family Day Care?

In Family Day Care your child will learn through play and exploration in the company of a small group of children.

The children will participate in activities that have been planned to suit each child’s individual needs, such as story-telling, singing, playing games, visiting the park or the library.

Children may also have the opportunity to mix with larger groups of children through supervised play sessions and other special activities/events.

What if my children have special needs?

Family Day Care Staff and Educators are able to discuss any additional requirements your child/ren may have.  Commonwealth support is also available to assist Family Day Care services to include eligible children with special needs.

What should I do before care starts?

  1. Contact the Co-ordination Unit office to arrange an enrolment.
  2. Contact the Centrelink if you wish to apply for CCS.
  3. Following referral to suitable Educators, parents should meet with and decide on the Educator of their choice.
  4. Children should visit their selected Educator in their home. This provides you and your children with the opportunity to become familiar and comfortable with the Educator and the new environment.
  5. To facilitate a smooth transition into care the Placement Officer will make contact with the family and Educator once the care has commenced to enquire how your child is settling.

How do I choose a Family Day Care Educator for my children?

Discuss your family’s needs with us. We will provide advice on which Educators are available in your area to meet your family’s needs.

A few points to consider before selecting your Educator are:

  • Does the home environment ‘feel right’?
  • Is the atmosphere warm and friendly?
  • Are the children happily involved in activities?

Also consider…

  • Availability of flexible care arrangements and times.
  • Ability to cater for any special needs your children may have.
  • Location
  • Cost

Is there any help with the cost of child care?

The Commonwealth Government provides assistance through Child Care Subsidy to help with the cost of child care.  For more information contact the Department of Human Services – 136 150.