Clarence Family Day Care

 Quality, inclusive child care and education.

  • Birth to 12 years
  • Individualised programs
  • Community based, not-for-profit
  • Play-based learning

Clarence Family Day Care is a not for profit, community based, child care and education service that offers professional and supervised care for children in the homes of registered Educators.

Children in Family Day Care have the advantages of learning and developing socially, educationally and emotionally within the security of a small group. They will participate in activities that have been planned to suit each child’s individual needs, such as story-telling, singing, playing games, visiting the park or the library.

The individual needs of each child are unique. The ideal program for a child is one that has input from the child’s parents too. Children have the opportunity to mix with larger groups of children through supervised play sessions and other special activities, from time to time. Educators and staff recognise that all children learn at individual rates through play, first hand experience, modelling and imitation.

Learn more about Clarence Family Day Care by reading through the other pages on our site. There are specific pages for Educators and for Parents so you can find the information particular to your needs.

We are for children not for profit