Daily Examiner – REVEALED: This is the Valley’s favourite childcare centre


REVEALED: This is the Valley’s favourite childcare centre

1. Clarence Family Day Care


162 Turf St, Grafton, phone 6643 1002.



NUMBER ONE: Clarence Family Day Care has been named the Valley's favourite childcare service
NUMBER ONE: Clarence Family Day Care has been named the Valley’s favourite childcare serviceKathryn Lewis


THERE were big smiles and giggles all around for the children of Clarence Family Day Care, with the news of an exciting win for the service.

Clarence Family Day Care, Grafton has been named the Valley’s favourite childcare in a Daily Examiner subscriber-only online poll with 31 per cent of the vote.

Clarence Childcare Services manager Cristie Harris said it was the passionate educators who care for children in the educator’s home who ensured the service was loved by families.

“I love helping educators and staff look at ways we can further engage and the opportunities we can give children in the Valley to play and learn,” she said.

“The major brain development is in that 0-5 years. These early years are critical in child development.”

Ms Harris said the four children to an educator ratio helped the service stand apart.

“You’ve got a consistency of that one educator every time they go to care so they get to form very close bonds. Families are dealing with one educator so they get to form very strong relationships,” she said.

Exciting excursions are all part of a day’s fun at childcare. “We’ve been to the peach farm and the alpaca farm,” Ms Harris said. Children also attend aged care homes where they love to interact with their elderly friends.

Family Day Care’s educational leader Tracey Richardson said the in-home environment worked particularly well for some kids.

“It’s not a big centre, it’s not full of 30 or 40 children. Some children get very overwhelmed by that kind of number.”

“Programming is around every individual child that comes to their (the educator’s) service. What each child is interested in, the educators incorporate that into their day,” she said.

“They get lots of opportunities to get a program that’s tailored for where they are at developmentally.”

2. Cubby House for Kids Preschool and Long Day Care Centre

8 Cypress St, Townsend, 6645 4201

3. Goodstart Early Learning Grafton

58 Duke St, Grafton, 1800 222 543

4. New School of Art Preschool

Corner Skinner and Spring St South Grafton, 6640 3800

5. Jacaranda Preschool

61 Kelly St, South Grafton, 6642 4082

6. Coldstream Community Preschool

Clarence St, Tucabia, 6644 8244

7. Maclean Community Preschool

15 Scullin St, Townsend, 6645 2213

8. Blinky’s Children’s Centre

21 Cranworth St Grafton, 0416262879

9. Ohana Early Learning

15 Heber St, South Grafton, 6656 4664

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